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This is my place. Love it or leave it, baby.

I host a kick-ass bulletin board, but you gotta get past the guard. It's invitation only. Don't call us, we'll call you.
Who am I? 
I'm a mom, a writer, a wife, an environmentalist, a smart-ass. I'm a liberal, but don't tell my dad.
What pisses me off? 
SUV's, idiots, bad parents, bad drivers, indifference, GMO foods, the fact that everyone I like eventually moves to Oregon, and people who feed their kids crap and don't recycle.
What do I love? 
Or, who? My son, my darling, loving, hilarious, clever, amazing son. His equally amazing dad. My family. Where I live. My buddies. Good food. People who think.The earth. Laughing my head off. Freedom of speech.
Peace on Earth, baby.